Adoption Success Stories


Status: Adopted on 2/11/19

Jake is a 12-year-old purr machine) who came to us on 11/19/18, after nearly being euthanized in a local shelter.  He was unable to be placed through the shelter’s adoption program, because he bit a child on the adoption floor, when the child petted him a little too roughly.  He does tend to give little love nibbles, but nothing that breaks the skin.  After a few months of being fostered at the Walheim Resort (a lakeside cabin rental facility in Finlayson, MN), his foster family decided to make him a permanent resident.  Jake is living a very sweet life in a cozy cabin with his foster family, and a few other feline companions.


Status: Adopted on 12/25/18


Formerly named Sejong, Siege came to us on 7/7/18, from a local shelter where she was in danger of being euthanized, because she wasn’t getting along well in the shelter environment.  She was originally adopted in Korea, and later surrendered to a Minnesota shelter because the owner was moving and could not take her with.  She was adopted by a lovely young couple on Christmas day, who were very excited to be adopting their first cat!  They had no other pets, which is perfect for Siege.


Status: Adopted on 11/8/18!


Monkey came to Suzie’s Cat Refuge on 9/11/18.  She was pulled from a local shelter to prevent her from being euthanized.  She was adopted by a lady who lives in a very large home, with one 8-year-old cat.  Initially, she wasn’t sure if Monkey was going to adapt to her other cat, but they eventually figured out their boundaries, and are getting along fine now.

Double and Trouble

Status: Adopted on 8/31/18 and 10/11/18, respectively
Double and Trouble

These adorable sibling boys were saved from being euthanized in a local shelter, and brought to Suzie’s Cat Refuge on 3/6/18.  Originally, they were found abandoned outside of an apartment building in north Minneapolis at about 6 months old, completely unsocialized.  Because of their fear of humans, they did not thrive in the shelter environment.  Within one month after coming to Suzie’s Cat Refuge, they warmed up to be affectionate, lovable boys, who loved to play, and receive lots of pets, on their terms.  Double REALLY blossomed, and became friendly with just about everybody.  Trouble only really warmed up to his foster mom.  After five months at Suzie’s Cat Refuge, a very nice family came along and decided to adopt them both.  Double adapted very well in the new home.  Trouble, unfortunately, did not, and he was returned about a month and a half later.  But that’s okay!  His foster mommy was delighted to have him back, and has decided to keep him!


Status: Adopted on 5/26/18

Squeeky came to Suzie’s Cat Refuge on 5/5/18, and ended up not being here very long.  He was transferred in from a shelter where he would have either been sent to a barn placement, or euthanized.  His foster parents fell completely in love with him, and he got along so well with the other cat in the house, that they decided to adopt him.  Have a wonderful life, Squeeky!


Status: Adopted on 4/30/18!
Raven came to Suzie’s Cat refuge on 2/13/18, at about 6 months of age.  She was originally surrendered to a local shelter as part of an unwanted barn litter, and placed on the shelter’s list for alternate placement, due to her shyness, and the fact that she wasn’t thriving in the shelter environment. She is still very shy with new people, but her foster mom did great work with her, and made a lot of progress with her in a short time.  She now lives in a nice condo with a single woman who has two older cats.


Status: Adopted on 3/10/18!

Belle was picked up as a stray in the “Belle” Plain area (hence her name), and brought to Suzie’s Cat Refuge on 1/10/18.  She was approximately 1.5 years old.  A very lively cat that doesn’t play nice with other cats, Belle needed a home with people with a lot of time to devote to her, and a very stimulating environment.  She went to a quiet, retired couple that takes good care of her.  They have no other pets, so Belle can have the run of things, and they give her the attention she needs.


Status: Adopted by her foster mom on 1/3/18!

Dot was rescued from a hoarding situation, along with her litter of kittens, in July of 2016.  She was held at a local shelter, where she was scheduled to be euthanized unless a rescue was willing to take her, the reason being that she was too fearful of humans to be adopted, and not thriving in the shelter environment.  A local rescue  was able to get Dot released from the shelter, and transferred to Suzie’s Cat Refuge  on 10/3/16.  It’s hard to say why Dot was overlooked by adopters, after an entire year at Suzie’s Cat Refuge.  Perhaps because she’s difficult to photograph, due to her dark features.  In any case, her foster mom decided to keep her forever.


Status: Adopted on 1/23/18.  Have a wonderful life, little man!


Ernie was brought in as a stray on 1/16/17.  He was born in a condemned shed, along with his two siblings, behind a small community bar in St. Paul.  Originally, we had intended to bring all three kittens and their mother to Suzie’s Cat Refuge, but there were many complications that prevented us from doing this, and at the time, we were only able to bring one of the kittens to safety.  That kitten was not Ernie, but Farrah, who is featured in the blog article titled On Their Terms. Eventually, the shed was torn down, and Ernie, his mother, and one remaining sibling were left to wander the streets.  Thankfully, a nice woman who lives in the area made sure that Ernie stayed fed, and she also managed to surrender Ernie’s mother to a local rescue group.  Unfortunately, Ernie’s last remaining sibling disappeared, but we feel that three out of four cats brought to safety isn’t a half bad ratio, even if it took a while to get the job done!  Ernie is a sweet, lovable boy, very affectionate and playful, but also scared in new environments.  Thus, it took a while to find just the right home for him.  He was at Suzie’s Cat Refuge for just over one year.  He eventually went to a nice gentleman who lives with his 14-year-old daughter, and they couldn’t be more thrilled to have Ernie in their lives.


Status: Adopted on 1/18/18.  Enjoy your new home, sweet lady! 


Artemis (a 4.5-year-old spayed female) was rescued from a shelter where she was scheduled to be euthanized.  She arrived at Suzie’s Cat Refuge on 11/26/17, and was ill for a while with an upper respiratory infection.  But she recovered wonderfully, and had no other health concerns, other than the need to lose a few more pounds.  Her sweet, mellow personality made her a popular choice for adopters, and there were a number of people who inquired about her.  She was adopted by a young couple, and lives in an apartment with one other cat, and two pet rats.


Status: Kat was adopted on 11/19/17.  Have a wonderful life, big boy!


Kat was transferred to Suzie’s Cat Refuge on 5/18/17 from a local rescue group that had pulled him out of a shelter where he was scheduled for euthanasia, having bitten somebody on the adoption floor.  He was reportedly surrendered to the shelter because he was pestering the resident senior cat too much, not because he was biting people.  He has a mellow, laid back personality,  but also rather independent, and not very easy to bond with, and he didn’t coexist well with other cats.  Initially, he was adopted as a barn cat, and we are told, performed incredibly well as a mouser!  Some time during the cold winter months, his owner took pity on him, and decided to allow him into the house, where his personality apparently blossomed from Mr. Aloof, to Mr. Major Lovebug.  We simply could not be happier to hear of Kat’s promotion from barn cat, to indoor King of the Castle!


Status: Adopted (again) on 9/10/17.  Have a wonderful life, sweet boy!


Grayson was brought in as a stray on 3/14/16 , and the then he was adopted in July of 2016.  A year later, he was returned to Suzie’s Cat Refuge because his owner had to move and couldn’t take him with.  Shortly thereafter, at approximately four years old, Grayson went to a new loving home with a couple who absolutely adores him, and three other cats (all seniors) that he eventually learned to get along with, after a lot of hard work by his new mom.


Status: Adopted on 10/28/16.  Enjoy the good life, dear boy!


Cody was surrendered to Suzie’s Cat Refuge on 8/24/16, because his owner felt that he wasn’t happy in her home.  She adopted him from a shelter at the end of April, and he hadn’t come out of hiding ever since.  It is suspected that her 4-year-old child might have been a little too much for him, and with another baby on the way any day, Cody needed to be rehomed as soon as possible.  A few short months later, Cody was adopted by a friend of his foster mom, a quiet gentleman who lives alone in a nice apartment.  Cody has since been renamed Stormy, and he and his new human have become the best of buds.


Status: Jackie was adopted into a loving home on 1/22/16.  Have a wonderful life, sweet girl!


Jackie and her three brothers and sisters had taken up residence under a porch at a cabin on Cross Lake.  The cabin owner brought all four of them home, and decided to keep three of them, but four, he thought, was a tad excessive, which left Jackie the only one still in need of a permanent home.  She came to Suzie’s Cat Refuge on 12/21/15.  She was very timid at first, mostly hiding under the chair in her foster room, but after a few weeks, she warmed up into a super sweet, affectionate girl.  Only a month later, she was adopted by a coworker of her foster mom, as a companion animal for her son with Asperger’s Syndrome.