Available for Adoption

If you are interested in adopting a cat from Suzie’s Cat Refuge, please submit an Adoption Application. Feel free to peruse a copy of our Adoption Contract, so that you can see what our requirements are.  You may also offer to foster one of these cats, by completing our Foster Application.

Applications may be submitted to suzie_kins@hotmail.com, or mailed to:

Suzie’s Cat Refuge
c/o Rachel Pouliot
P.O. Box 21586
Minneapolis,  MN 55421

*note* If you are submitting the application by snail mail, please either call, or notify us by e-mail first, so we know to watch for it.  Adoption contracts may only be completed after your application is approved, and must be signed in person with an authorized representative of Suzie’s Cat Refuge.


Adoption fee: $50

Zena came to us from AHS shelters on 3/17/20.  She was very scared and shut down in the shelter environment, and needed a foster home.  In her foster home, it took her a few weeks to adapt.  She was shut down, and a bit crabby, but eventually grew to be a very playful, sweet cat.  Quite energetic for an 11-year-old!  She has lived peacefully with two small dogs, but we find that she does not like other cats.  We feel she would be best suited for a quiet, peaceful home.


Adoption fee: $75

Pumpkin was brought in as a stray on 10/21/19.  We thought she might be feral, as she would not allow us to approach her.  We caught her in a live trap, and brought her to the vet, where we learned that she is approximately one year old, already spayed, but not microchipped.  Upon being brought indoors, we discovered that she’s incredibly sweet and friendly.  She seems to want the indoor life.  As no one has come forward to claim her as theirs, we are placing her for adoption.  We believe that Pumpkin would do best in a home with no other cats, but would probably do fine with children over the age of seven.  She has a mellow personality.  Loves to be picked up and cuddle in laps, and she is very easy to handle.  She does have some minor health concerns.



Status: Adoption Pending!

Ladybird came to Suzie’s Cat Refuge on 12/12/18.  We pulled her from a local shelter where she would have been euthanized, because she was stressed and not getting along in the shelter environment.  She was surrendered to the shelter because she had been living in home where there were too many animals.  Ladybird is approximately 10 months old.  She spayed, up-to-date on shots, and FLV/FIV negative, but she’s currently a little underweight, and recently recovered from an upper respiratory infection, which most likely resulted from shelter stress.  Since she has been in her foster home, we have found her to be sweet, playful, and full of sass.  She loves to be petted on her head and back, and she has a very loud purr!  She can be mildly nippy at times, but they are mostly just love nibbles, and she’s never bitten hard enough to break the skin.  She sometimes tolerates being picked up, but it’s not her favorite thing.  She loves to chase string and mouse toys, and she enjoys interacting with the other cats in her foster home.  Her history around children and dogs is unknown, but we suspect that older kids are probably okay, and dogs may be as well, with proper, slow introductions.