How You Can Help

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Suzie’s Cat Refuge is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, as of 11/6/18.  If you have donated to us, and you need our EIN number for tax purposes, here is a link to our IRS Confirmation Letter.

Stuff You Can Donate Besides Money:

1) Cat food!  Foods commonly eaten by cats at Suzie’s Cat Refuge are:

  • Instinct Limited Ingredient Rabbit (canned or dry) – we feed this to cats with allergies
  • Royal Canin Digest Sensitive (loaf in sauce) – for cats dealing with diarrhea and tummy upsets
  • Purina Beyond (white meat chicken & whole oat, dry food)
  • Purina One Tender Selects (chicken) – cats that we receive from the Animal Humane Society are always started out on this food, since that’s what they get at the shelter
  • Fancy Feast (pate)
  • Instinct Grain-Free Recipe with real chicken (dry)

2) Gift certificates for Petco, PetSmart, or Chuck and Don’s
3) Scratch posts, kitty beds, or other cat furniture
4) Cat toys
5) Cat litter (any variety is fine).
6) Aluminum (not tin!) beverage or food cans.  (We turn them in for cash at a local recycling facility)
7) Feliway diffusers and/or refills
8) Litter boxes
9) Pet carriers
10) Pet-related cleaning supplies (carpet shampoo, pet odor removal spray cleaners, etc.)
11) Grooming supplies
12) Paper towels
13) Any items in good condition that you were planning to give to a thrift store or Goodwill.

Donated items will either be used at Suzie’s Cat Refuge, or sold to raise money for Suzie’s Cat Refuge.  Items that cannot either be used or sold may be donated to other charities.  Please either mail your donations to the address below, or call or e-mail to arrange for a drop-off.

Suzie’s Cat Refuge
c/o Rachel Pouliot
P.O. Box 21586
Minneapolis, MN 55421

Phone: 612-859-6628